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George Luck Sports Car Wooden Puzzle

The Sports CAR Puzzle

By Jolanta Ryba

Funny picture

The Sport car coloured, wooden – made puzzle are the real joy for children aged 3+. Be honest – we all did love cartoons, when we were children. For some of us, despite the fact, that we are adults already, cartoons are still the secret enjoyment. The Sportcar puzzle is made in a cartoon dynamic style. They require putting together a few elements of funny picture. Sport car has the wheels made oval by the power of quick movement. Red cabriolet with sporty silhouette is fully packed with two animals – a green crocodile and a long – neck giraffe. Both animals are easy recognizable by their colour and form. They look happy smiling and enjoying the wind. Even two clouds are playing their role in that short energetic scene – they are giving the impression of fresh air activity and bringing the smiling sun with them. Sun’s face looks like a family member face – our mother, father, brother, grandmother or grandfather face.

Play together

Overall, a nice picture of family fun together can open a discussion about an importance of being together, going out and play on the fresh air, enjoying doing things together as a family.  Does not matter, that it is animals’ fun; do we all remember that the animals’ world is often used to show the human world relationships?  You can play together with your son or daughter, as a nanny or auntie for your nephew.  Just a small dialogue, naming the giraffe and crocodile, describing them, telling the story on the picture is really beneficial. Help to stick the elements together and let a child to do it by himself, it will be a source of his small satisfaction.

Play and learn

It is a beneficial toy, which is exercising the skills of recognising colours, shapes, and also counting the puzzle elements, discussing and describing. Children can also recognise the differences and similarities between the objects. It links to create logic thinking skills, so important, when learning language skills from now (3+ age) up to school age. It can be also a beginning of the big adventure of nature – orientated interests.  Well done, the producer of The SPORT CAR Puzzle! Get it here

Product description

Can you answer the puzzling question of how a giraffe fits his giant neck inside a car? Solve this puzzle to discover the answer!

Safety Warning

Not suitable for children under the age of 2 years

Box Contains

11 x wooden pieces

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