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Warning! Shopaholics!

By Jolanta Ryba  So many temptations everywhere, so many beautiful shops on the high streets and online. There is so much choice!  Anyway, do you know somebody, who is totally addicted to shopping? Shoppaholic She cannot exist without going to the shops every day, doing shopping, searching for more and […]

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Wywiad z przedstawicielem mediów-jak się przygotować?

Autor :Jolanta Ryba Wywiad z przedstawicielem mediów staje się coraz bardziej powszechny dla każdej firmy, ktora stara się promować. Ważne jest zatem, aby zrobić to dobrze. Reprezentujemy przecież nie tylko siebie, ale i swoją firmę! Oto kilka wskazówek, jak dobrze się przygotować do wywiadu z prasą. Zawsze:  Przygotuj się […]

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Magic amber

By Jolanta Ryba I remember amber from my childhood.  When I was young, I have seen my mother, aunties and female work colleagues wearing amber necklaces, bracelets and earrings. What amazed me was that amber could have any other  benefits than decorative. Anyway, I just remind myself, that a long […]

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by Jolanta Ryba “Having a weekend in Brussels visiting friends is full of adventure.” At 14.04 our train left London – St. Pancras for Brussels – Midi. What was surprising, all the travel procedures were efficiently carried out. Eurostar, which this November celebrates 20 years in business, has got very […]

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A touch of Oxford luxury in a jar

By Jolanta Ryba My impression of this exciting and optimistic fragrance is that it reminds me of the Tales of One Thousand and One Nights, giving the essence of Arabian culture and luxury. It was full of moving, new, unique and adventurous secrets promising to be discovered.A touch of Oxford […]