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Warning! Shopaholics!

By Jolanta Ryba

7893891882_7bb17e3416_z So many temptations everywhere, so many beautiful shops on the high streets and online. There is so much choice!  Anyway, do you know somebody, who is totally addicted to shopping?


She cannot exist without going to the shops every day, doing shopping, searching for more and more products, which are absolutely necessary right now? You have been with her in the shops sometimes and you do remember her euphoric state after shopping and a nice time spent together in the shopping gallery. There were very nice moments in the cafes in the shopping centre with one of your best friends but… When you visited her in her home, her whole house was cluttered with too many clothes everywhere; too many of them were bought and kept outside the wardrobe because of lack of space there.

Shopping as a self – therapy

I suspect, it happened to her, when her relationships with her boyfriend broke down and doing shopping she founded like a self – therapy for her emotional pain. The trouble is that some people are sharing their emotions with others, some are not. Some are talking openly, how are they feeling; some are like a castle with all doors and windows closed and we can only guess, what they are going through. Firstly, this kind of retail therapy is quite dangerous – it can cause financial troubles.

4503446328_442878e62e_zSecondly, this psychological compulsory behaviour – to repeat the crazy shopping habit, makes them feel only temporary better. Lastly, the after effects make things a lot worse, when facing the real life consequences.

Shopaholics need help

People strongly addicted to the shopping habit behave like alcoholics or the drug users in denying that they have got a problem. They experience difficulties to control themselves and could develop depression. Subsequently, it can lead even to death.  A good friend, family member, psychologist or even psychiatrist can support them to find the other ways of calming down and relaxing.

Start to help somebody like my friend – they can have only you to help them now. Take responsibility for her state until somebody else will help you to support her in an effective way.

For help on this matter, you can also contact your local offices of Citizen Advice Bureau and Mind organisation.

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