Written by: Jolanta Ryba
Jolanta with Anna Jagus before treatment

My mirror did not lie-I had a dry, tired complexion, full of wrinkles and lines. This is not surprising. Since, I am in my 50s. My life had been full of incident and adventure! If we believe the theory that, all you are experiences and troubles are written on your face, my face looked wrinkled and exhausted, to be honest. It was like the novel ‘War and Peace’. It does not help, that I working in an industrial environment with exposure to many chemicals, which damage my skin.

I have been thinking about visiting a beautician for some time, but it was the news of the office party, that prompted me for the first time to take action. With only days to go, it was clear; I needed urgent action for my face. My friend seeing my plight offered me a voucher to try out the services of beauty consultant Anna Jagus of Vicania Beauty, based in Abingdon.

I immediately booked my appointment.

Treatment and Products

When I arrived, Mrs Jagus was already waiting for me. After a cup of tea we went to her beauty salon, which had on the wall prominently displayed the owner’s qualifications for completing successfully various beauty training courses.

Prominently displayed on the shelves was the BIELENDA NATURAL COSMETICS range. Bielenda is a well-known specialised range of beauty products used by professional beauticians and spas, around the world.

My facial treatment started with Anna treating my face, neck and shoulders. Anna recognized my complexion had a combination of issues to be tackled. This included sensitive skin with capillary problems and oily completion in the “T” zone Anna applied Satin Make up Remover to clean up the skin and Satin Tonic Gel, to refresh it.

The next step was removing the dead skin cells, (an exfoliation), which prepared the skin for better penetration for other cosmetics. Subsequently, Anna used Enzymatic Peeling treatment for my sensitive skin. After my skin was softened, Anna treated me with Ultrasonic Facial Mist Machine with Chromo therapy and Ozone – the latest development in professional beauty equipment. It works by combining of ultrasonic mist, with chromo therapy technology, resulting in a fresh more elastic skin condition.

In the background, I could hear soft relaxing music – it was as if waves lapped on the seashore. All together – ultrasonic mist, red and blue chromo therapy and ozone relaxed me a lot – I could feel much better, without any stress. She then gave me a lifting massage with Caviar Face Massage Cream, which further released tension and improved circulation of my skin.

Finally, the beautician spread two types of masks on the face, neck and décolleté: Anti – Age Face Mask with Hyaluronic Acid and Strengthening Face Mask with Rutin and Vitamin C. After 15 minutes, the masks were rinsed off. To enhance the effect of the my treatment further, Anna Jagus then applied Eye Cream and Diamond Lifting Serum plus small amount of Anti – Wrinkle Face Cream with Hyaluronic Acid.

Anna told me that all the cosmetics she uses have beautiful delicate aromas and are designed not to irritate the skin.


What I can say about my visit? I enjoyed it very much! Last time I trusted only myself in cosmetic treatments, but it did not work.
There comes a time that you need to consult a professional such as Anna Jagus of Vicania Beauty. After all the facial treatments I could see, my skin on my face, neck and décolleté became radiant, clean and regenerated. In addition, my pores were closed; my wrinkles looked smaller and less defined.

When I look in the mirror now, I see a fresh, elastic, vital and smooth complexion. The appearance of aging had been considerably reduced. In addition, the troublesome acne bacteria’s, has been eliminated. Generally, I feel so much better and look a few years younger. I am sure, that I will come to visit Anna again. I am very happy with a result; it is like a miracle for me.


Jolanta Ryba the next day

Cosmetician Anna Jagus is very professional and offers a European level of service. I think that she meets the high expectations of her customers. I appreciated her very professional approach to her diagnosing and treating client’s skin with appropriate cosmetics and the latest in technology.

Her style of treatment is done in a very expert, but friendly and relaxing atmosphere. You have a feeling, that you are safe and ‘in good hands’. I feel and look much better and I am convinced that I am doing something good for my skin. Mrs Anna Jagus provides the service for both women and men.

I will recommend Anna Jagus beauty and spa treatments to all my friends!

Source: http://www.vicania.com/index.html

Vicania Beauty are based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire and owned by Anna Jagus. Anna trained as a professional beauty therapist with Vellp Professional College in Poland, which specialises solely in beauty therapies and cosmetics and obtained their Certyfikacja Systemu Zarządzania Jakością.Besides providing most beauty treatments, Anna’s aim is help you make the most of your physical appearance and more importantly help you feel less stressed and more confident about yourself. Any beauty treatment can be tailored specifically to your needs, whilst taking into account your skin type and condition, age and requirements.As professionally trained in the appliance of cosmetics and in skin diagnosis, Anna may frequently give advice and if required, sell skin care products to match your personal needs.

Fact Box
Anna Jagus of Vicania Beauty http://www.vicania.com/index.html

BIELENDA NATURAL COSMETICS http://bielenda.pl/en

Bielenda Natural Cosmetics is a Polish brand known internationally for care cosmetics made from pure and precious natural substances. Since 1990 Bielenda has been producing high-quality face, hair, and body care products based exclusively on natural substances irrespectively of the current market trends. What is more, the ingredients for Bielenda cosmetics come from different parts of the world, and they are all totally free from synthetic chemicals!

“T” zone.
This zone is located on the face extending from the top middle part of the forehead and across from left to right in the shape of the crossbar of the “T”. The zone continues down past the nose and onto the chin in the shape of the base of a “T”.

Ultrasonic Facial Mist Machine with Chromo therapy and Ozone

Benefits: 1. Improve Skin Condition, Make The Skin Feel Fresh & Moisturize
2. Stimulate Skin’s Repair & Regenerate Ability
3. Promote Collagen Production
4. Restore Skin’s Elasticity & Vitality
5. Improve Blood Circulation & Cell Metabolism
6. Regulate The Sebaceous Gland’s Production Of Oil
7. Provide Antiseptic & Astringent Effects
8. Clear Acne & Pimples
9. Sooth & Relax Skin

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