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A touch of Oxford luxury in a jar

By Jolanta Ryba


My impression of this exciting and optimistic fragrance is that it reminds me of the Tales of One Thousand and One Nights, giving the essence of Arabian culture and luxury. It was full of moving, new, unique and adventurous secrets promising to be discovered.A touch of Oxford luxury is what came to mind when I smelt for the first time Ruth Mastenbroek’s new ‘Oxford’ perfume, which she launched last week at Oxford’s prestigious Old Bank Hotel. This new exciting fragrance was inspired, as Ruth suggests, by her experiences as a chemistry student at Lady Margaret Hall.

It is clearly my favourite unisex perfume, ideal for the man or woman in your life. It also means couples can share this unique, impressive, individualistic and optimistic fragrance. I would recommend this for you and your partner, but evidently for special occasions.The first aroma that I recognised was the very sexy amber and patchouli, which reminded me of my first kiss. The second aroma I detected was that of delicate jasmine, which made me recall my first romantic walks in Oxford’s University Parks. Then I came upon the bergamot and basil scents, which jog my memory of a fresh romantic meal, when love was in the air. Lastly, I had the revelation when I detected the base notes of oudh this reminded me of my experiences of walking through the Indonesian jungle and hints of supreme luxury.

Ruth has been creating fine fragrances for over 30 years. The invisible ‘nose’ behind some of the world’s most well known brands and designers, Ruth has also created scents for some of Britain’s finest premium fragrance brands including Jo Malone and Kenneth Turner. In recent years Ruth has also launched her own range of exquisitely blended luxury fragranced products, the culmination of her decades of experience in perfume alchemy. An Oxford University graduate in chemistry, Ruth went on to learn her craft in Grasse. Ruth has also spent time as President of the British Society of Perfumers. Ruth Mastenbroek fragrances are available from Fenwick Bond Street, as well as a range of independent retailers, including perfumery specialist stores such as Les Senteurs London and Burgins of York. Ruth Mastenbroek is also widely available in continental Europe and Africa.www.ruthmastenbroek.com
Image by www.ruthmastenbroek.com

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