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A taste of Polish cooking

A food review of B & S Flavor take away business


By Jolanta Ryba


Word of mouth

B & S Flavor
B & S Flavor on display

A new business has been launched in Oxford recently called B & S Flavor. Its new entrepreneur Sławek Biegański has developed a popular takeaway food business.

He is attracting the interest of new customers by asking two questions on his advertising: “No time to cook? Want to try something different? B & S Flavor is your solution. Try our homemade Polish cuisine!”  This business was established a year ago, and it has had good feedback already from its customers.

My interest in this new business is due to a discussion with my friends about missing good quality Polish cooking, just like my mother used to make. My friend Gosia suggested B & S Flavour as a solution to my quest for original home Polish cooking. B & S Flavor is a great answer for those with no time to prepare for lunch, supper or even corporate events, when freshly cooked meal is essential.


Our order

My next step could be only one – to try them out. I immediately ordered one week’s worth of evening meals for me and my friend. They were delivered every day to my home, fresh from B & S Flavor kitchen. My friend is already a fan of Polish cuisine due to regular visits to my family back in Poland.


What we have got?

Each day we received two generous and delicious courses of food. This consisted of a soup and a main course plus salad.  Included in the reasonably priced food was free delivery to my door. We only needed only to heat them up and the resultant taste was excellent.


The pierogi

The pierogi with meat were super – we made them crispy after heating – with a delicate chicken meat and a carrot accent in the stuffing. This was served with our chef’s original beetroot salad, which complimented the pierogi dumplings. Later in the week we tried the Silesia noodles prepared from potatoes in a traditional manner with a pork sauce and red cabbage salad. This dish we have found especially popular in 5 star Polish hotels.

Greek fish is another dish worth mentioning. It consists of fried fish together with tomato-vegetable sauce. The fish is covered by a tasty vegetable quilt made up of cooked carrot, parsley and onion. This is served with a traditional fresh leak, carrot and parsley side salad. This description tells you a lot already and you can believe me, that it is a mouth-watering taste.

What about soups?

Sławek Biegański
B & S chef and manager Sławek Biegański

The tastiest soup for us was the fasolowa bean soup with vegetables and diced meat. We found it quite well balanced, when you do not have time to think about all the necessary ingredients in your food when cooking. It should provide all the necessary five a day portions of fruit or vegetables recommended by the health experts. The bean soup itself with a little bit bread will be enough to make you full. Another soup not well known in England is ogórkowa sour gherkins soup. Its ingredients include potatoes, carrot and parsley, which gave a remarkable sweet and sour taste.

You can heat it up and I recommend you to add some cream to it, if you prefer. Just like my mother used to make, back in Krakow. Also, we tried the lighter botwinka young beetroot soup and żurek borsch soup, which makes an ideal starter or as a meal by itself.


Fine cooking

As a result of experiencing such fine cooking, I would recommend B & S Flavor to my friends and colleagues, when they need good home Polish cooking. I am also feeling encouraged to meet the business owners and discover the secret of their success.


To order B & S Flavour food contact: 01865 807 998 or 07881 098 580


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