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Polish cuisine is the secret of B & S Flavor success

A business interview by Jolanta Ryba

B & S Flavor is a young Oxford based business providing homemade Polish cuisine to its customers. It was set up by husband and wife team Beata and Sławek Biegański. B & S Flavor has already established a good reputation amongst its customers, who appreciate freshly made Polish cooking, delivered to your door.


What was the inspiration behind their business? 

As a result of much praise from their friends and family about their cooking, they decided to set up Oxford’s first Polish takeaway.

The name of this family business highlights the owners names (Beata & Sławek). The Chef is Sławek Biegański, who not only does the cooking, but also manages the business, whilst his wife Beata handles all the day to day office and communication tasks. Since this is a family firm, their two sons  are involved in every aspect of the business.


What makes them unique?

The secret of B & S Flavor, is following the traditions of Slavonic Polish cooking, which is about fresh healthy cooking, without preservatives. It is not surprising; their way of cooking is so popular with their customers. B & S Flavor cater for a whole range of events including parties, fairs and corporate occasions. Beata describes their business as serving “home, safe, comfort food.” Its mild spicing makes it ideal for elderly customers and children. I would also add its great and friendly customer service and punctuality.

B & S Flavor like many ambitious modern businesses in the food industry are aiming to be a totally organic and environmentally friendly. Amongst, their future plans are 100 percent use of recyclable paper packaging.

The Chef is Sławek Biegański

Favourite meals


Amongst B & S Flavor customer’s favourites are:

  • potato pancakes (placki ziemniaczane),
  • croquettes with cheese and spinach stuffing (krokiety ze szpinakiem),
  • Russian pierogi (pierogi ruskie).

Sławek prides himself in making his own home made beetroot salad, sour gherkins and sour cabbage. They are delicious in the company of any potato or dumplings dish. His Bigos (meat and cabbage) dish has its fans already between many clients. Though many, like his pancakes and the pancake rolls stuffed with mushrooms and cheese.

B & S Flavor also serves a variety British favourites, but with a Polish take on it including:

  • pork chops (schabowy) with fresh salad,
  • chicken breast cutlets, in a de volaille style,
  • mincemeat cutlet, always with some salad added.
Cowley Centre in Oxford – B & S Flavor

What is also worth trying is stuffed cabbage rolls with mushroom sauce. All customers like them.

Polish sausages

B & S Flavor has already catered at a variety of events including having a stall at Cowley Center and at the Cowley Road Farmer’s market. The customer feedback from people trying their free samples has been positive. “The servings of Polish sausage were popular,” says Sławek. Sławek has introduced a new way of eating sausages, not in the bun, but solo and hot on the plate, accompanied with a gherkin and a beetroot soup. Sławek says, “Only this way could customers appreciate the great taste of imported Polish sausages.”

Future prospects


The business has been such a success, they are now looking at plans to expand including looking for business advice on funding and support.

It is clear that Oxford’s first Polish takeaway business is going from strength to strength. It certainly deserves its reputation as a fair, ethical, worth to recommend and customer friendly business.


To order B & S Flavour food contact: 01865 807 998 or 07881 098 580

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