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A great night out!

By Jolanta Ryba

A great night out was had yesterday by local media at Bicester’s Shopping Village  new restaurant and cafe Farmshop.  We have been invited to share the experience of exceptional food and drink provided by recently open in Bicester Village restaurant, Farmshop, which is one of the Soho House Restaurants.

Testing the drinks

Highly skilled barman, visibly passionate about his profession, guided us to know better the wide range of refreshing drinks offered by the restaurant. 7 years of bar experience is working for him and benefit all the bar customers. People did not need too much time to give credit to his role in restaurant success.

Jaine Blackman Editor of the Oxfordshire Limited Edition magazine testing the cocktails
People enjoying the bar experience

In the restaurant

Everyone knows that the restaurant success is based on the chef key role, as customers are always keen to try some dish that they know already but with the new twist. The young chef, born and trained in South Africa, has developed his cooking skills in Chicago.  Now he is cooking for Farmshop in Bicester and let us believe in mixed cultures positive influence in his personal development. This kind of cosmopolitan attitude is very promising for the future success and exciting the same time.

Pickled house cured salmon with pickled fennel and radish, also asparagus egg hollandaise and wild garlic
Pork belly with spinach, lentils and apple sauce Sea bass &  with sapphire and heritage tomato
The lobster ( absolutely delicious!)

Guests enjoying themselves

After trying Farmshop restaurant adventures menu all visitors they were looking for the next course with anticipation.

Jaine Blackman Editor of the Oxfordshire Limited Edition magazine, Nicholas Newman Editor of Oxfordprospect and Gill Oliver Oxford Times Property Editor
Chef presenting the starter

The range of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks was impressive, I especially appreciated the quality of the fresh ingredients and originality of the freshly made cocktails. However, the extensive menu was spectacular and very creative in its mix of different cultures and tastes. I liked the professionalism of all the team at Farmshop in providing an excellent customer service. I will recommend Farmhouse to my friends and colleagues. We cannot wait to return to sample the dishes we missed this time.

Images by www.nicnewmanoxford.com


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